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Our windows combine the best of two worlds: Tradition and innovation.

fenster 01 150x150 Master Stolyar (English)The beauty of wood windows and their great variety of shapes have always delighted us. Despite their technological imperfection we already found them inspiring in their early days but nowadays wood windows are as technologically advanced as windows of different materials are.

Therefore, there is no need to compromise anymore. Wood windows combine the technological advancements of modern windows with the living beauty only wood renders possible.

Our windows bring the future into your home.

We keep up with the times: Whenever an innovation will enhance the customer experience with our windows, we implement it. For example we manufacture dual-functioning windows that can be swung in like a door or whose top can be tilted, all operated by one handle. Moreover, our windows help you save energy with two or three layers of glass.

The innovation does not stop here. Besides our products, we also constantly implement innovations in our processes. In order to deliver a consistently high quality we permanently improve our production. All processes are kept in-house. Therefore, we can implement innovations directly and keep everything under control.

Our windows will become a part of your life.

Our wood windows are not only modern and functional – they are also pleasing to the eye. Beautiful wood windows harmonize perfectly with elegant furniture and wooden floors. Only materials that have a century-old tradition can create such a unique atmosphere. In this way, our windows will harmoniously integrate into your home and your life.

We use only the best parts to manufacture our windows.

The handings are made by ROTO FRANK AG in Germany, the leading company in this field. The coating also comes from German companies such as REMMERS. We use great care and only the best equipment when machining and handling wood. The glass is taken care of by Austrian machines such as LiSEC.

Our customers deserve only the best – so only the best equipment and parts find their way into our processes and products.

We share our unique experience with you.

logo small Master Stolyar (English)We have been manufacturing premium wood windows and doors for 20 years so far. “Master Stolyar” is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and manufactures using German technology and co-operating with German suppliers.

In the 1990s, our founding manager faced the challenge where to purchase high quality windows for his own home. He came to the conclusion that German windows were of the highest quality. Yet, importing windows from Germany was not possible. Therefore, he started manufacturing them by himself. Over the years, Master Stolyar kept growing and now produces up to 600 square meters of windows per month.

We manufacture any window possible: large and small, rectangular and custom designed, modern, classical and traditional (we fit listed buildings). Our windows can be of any colour, even with the outer and inner parts coloured differently. We provide pine, larch, oak and also more exotic kinds of wood.

We deliver to private households as well as to large companies and property developers.

We are proud of our customers – and we hope they are also proud of us.

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